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1.       Please be on time for class, if you are tardy please enter the studio quietly to not disturb other students.

2.       No gum, food or drink in the studio, water only.

3.       No jewelry in class. Stud earrings are permitted.

4.       No crop tops, sports bras or midriffs showing. No booty shorts or short shorts; shorts should be mid-thigh in length.

5.       No toys in class.

6.       No cellphones in class.

7.       No negativity or rude behavior towards other students, parents, administration or instructors.

8.       Please take care of bathroom needs before class.

9.   No horseplay in the studio or lobby area.


1.      Tuition is billed on the 1st of every month and your credit card on file will be automatically charged. There is a $15 late fee for payments made after the 3rd. If balance is not paid by your child's next class, they will be dropped from the roster.

2.      There are no refunds or credits.


If dress code is not followed, your child will not be allowed to participate in class.

1.      No crop tops, sports bras, midriffs showing or booty shorts are allowed in any class.

2.      Ballet: Leotard, tights, ballet shoes and hair pulled into a bun.

3.      Ballet/Tumble/Acro Combo Classes: Leotard, convertible tights, ballet shoes and hair pulled in a bun.

4.      Jazz: Leggings, capris, leotards, camisoles, tank tops are permitted. Jazz shoes are recommended.

5.      Hip Hop: Comfortable clothes, no jeans, no skirts or midriffs showing.

6.      Boys in Ballet, Jazz or Tap: Form fitting Under Armour shirt, basketball shorts or sweatpants.

7.      Tap: Leotard, tights and tap shoes.


1.      There are no refunds or credits for absences. Please let us know if you child will miss class.

2.      You may schedule make ups classes with your child’s teacher.

3.      If you wish to withdraw your child, you must submit a 30 day notice in writing prior to withdrawing your child (this can be sent via email) and we will send a receipt of confirmation. Once the 30 days have elapsed, your child will be officially withdrawn. You will be responsible for tuition until the 30 days have passed.